Saturday, March 3, 2012

Family Rules Printable

A while ago I posted our Family Rules. Here they are:

 Family Standards

I thought others might want to be able to print them or adjust the original file to personalize them for your family. I created the file in Microsoft Publisher and then save it as a .jpg file.

Here is the the .jpg printable. According to you can print this up to 20”x30.”

Here is the Publisher file.

Happy printing!


Julie said...

I love this Jess! I'm trying to figure out where to hang it in our house.

Jennifer said...

Hi there, I tried to bring up the Publisher version to make very small changes, and it says that "the link provided is not valid". (I'll be honest, I don't know what Publisher is...but I was hoping it would work)
Any suggestions? I absolutely LOVE these Family Rules, I just wanted to tweak/change 1 or 2 lines.
Thanks in advance!

The Abe Green Family said...

Hi Jennifer! Publisher is a Microsoft program and comes in the Office bundle. If you have the program, I can email you the document.If you don't have the program, I would be more than happy to make the changes for you and email you the file. Let me know what would be best:)

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness...that would be unbelievable! Such a blessing! I don't have office Publisher, now that you explained it. We only have the Office starter version that came on the computer.
Could I email you the changes once I think it over? My email address is, so you can get your address to me...if that's ok.
Does it need to stay with those lines? So if I want to add something, I also need to remove something?

The Abe Green Family said...

Just sent you an email:)