Monday, March 12, 2012

11 months!

Maggie is moving out of the baby stage into “toddlerhood” so fast! She is standing up and cruising around everything. She is even trying to let go of some things. She loves to play with her brothers even though they are a little too rough some times.

She has started to love the park. She really loves to swing, and doesn’t like to get out. It is so nice to be able to take her to the park with the boys.

Here is a video of her walking with her princess car from Grandma Green (please excuse my poor video-taking skills):

Appearance: She isn’t changing as fast. People often comment about how blue her eyes are. They are very blue and don’t look like they will be changing anytime soon. People also comment about how much our kids look alike. It is hard for me to see, but they definitely have similar features.

Sleep: She takes a morning and afternoon nap. They are 1-2 hours in length. She goes to bed at 6:00 and is very cranky if she is awake past that time.  She isn’t waking up much at night. She is sleeping through most nights.

Diaper Size: Still in size 3.

Clothing: She is now pretty much in 18 month clothes and some 24 month thrown in.

Height: Not sure

Weight: Not sure.

Head Circumference: Not sure

Eating Habits: This girl loves to eat! She is eating mostly anything we eat. This is a wonderful stage. I love to not worry about packing so many different types of food.

Development: She is getting more and more active. She says “mama'” and “dada.” She has major separation anxiety. She does not like strangers to hold at all. She gets into EVERY single drawer and cabinet in the house. This girl is like a whirling tornado! Her top 2 teeth broke through at the end of the month. The bottom 2 are still growing in.


Stef said...

SO fun to see a video of her!!

Happy 11months, Maggie!

Sarah Moulton said...

She'll be bigger then Keira soon :) What a cutie. If you saw my house right now you would see how crazy of a whirlwind little girls can really be. Enjoy her stage now because three is a whole new game! :)

Sarah Moulton said...
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