Monday, April 9, 2012

Long time no blog…

We were sick for about 3 weeks. We had the flu, colds, injured neck/back and all sort of fun things. It was no fun, and I hope sickness stays far from us for a while.

Chase is on Spring Break right now for two weeks. We have had a blast! It will be sad to see him go back to school. We enjoy having an open schedule and him home with us. I have some blogging to do about Maggie’s 1st birthday, her 12 months update, updates about the boys, and some crafting stuff.

For now I will leave you with a new recipe (found on Pinterest) I tried tonight. It was super easy and turned out great!

Here is the blog where the recipe is found. I altered the recipe and substituted non-fat Greek yogurt for the mayo. I added a little lemon juice, garlic powder, and a little salt. After baking for 20 minutes, I broiled the dish for 2 minutes to brown the bread crumbs.

Chicken Recipe

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