Friday, June 1, 2012

Favorite Things!

I love reading other blogs where the writer recommends their favorite things. Helps give me new ideas or encourages me to try things I may not have thought of. Here are some of our favorite things at the moment:
This place is too much fun! We spend many afternoons here.

My new favorite exercise: x-bike. Some of the most difficult exercise I have ever done!

This is our favorite fruit at the moment. So sweet and makes the perfect dessert.

Last year I gave in to the spray on sunscreen and face stick fad. They are more expensive, but the convenience is worth the cost!


Saw my friend recommend these on her blog. I was somewhat skeptical, but I trusted Stef’s judgment. We bought some and they were AWESOME! We were so sick this past Winter/Spring. They really help get the goop off the kids noses without the extreme rubbing that it takes with a Kleenex or plain old wipe.


Stef said...

We LOVE Boogie Wipes! This might be the first winter we didn't actually buy them. I guess I should be glad about that.
I started doing nose spray in their noses during the winter weather and I swear, it helped them not get every cold we came into contact with. I would do one spray per-nostril each morning. I think I found that tip off :)

The Abe Green Family said...

Stef, I will have to look into the nose spray. Don't want to repeat this cold/flu season again :(