Tuesday, April 8, 2008

17 Months...

Well, today Chase is 17 months old. This also happens to be Abe's Aunt Barbara's birthday. Happy Birthday, Aunt Barb!

Abe is putting him to bed right now. I here "Praise, Praise Him" right now through the monitor. That is still his favorite night-time song. He has a new favorite car song right now. He loves the "B-I-B-L-E." He asks to play it "gain." I think he mostly likes it because I sing it in a funny way. He laughs and has big smiles which makes playing and singing it over and over again worth it :)

He is learning more names. His new name this week is Aunt Katherine. He calls her "Kay-Kay." Too cute. She is coming over this week to babysit for the first time. Chase will have a blast!

One of Chase's favorite activites right now is turning light switches on and off. He likes to stand on his stool and flick the switches on and off. He will do this for long periods of time. He has also discovered electrical outlets. He has been trying to stick keys in the outlets. That would not be a good thing. He loves turning the printer on and off. He loves to help me with the microwave. He likes to open and close it and turn it on.

He is beginning to learn how to help me around the house. He has put a few things away for me. he will also go and get things out of our room when I ask him to. It is kind of cute to see him busy and helping mommy.

Overall, he is in a really cute and loveable stage. He is very attached to us right now. He loves us to hold him and just carry him around. It is an armload, but I am enjoying every minute of it :) We love our little man!!


Katie said...

Such a big boy!! I think its so awesome when our little babes learn peoples names... it really shows they've got a certain respect for each new name (well, the person behind it) by filling up their relatively small vocabs with names! I think it's awesome!

Stef said...

Its so scary how fast they grow! Enjoy the time you have alone with him... these will be fond memories for you guys. :)