Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Toddler Tuesday Tales-4/29/08

*Chase is now saying "suuuit." This means he wants to get his swim suit out and go swimming.

*He says pee-poo when he has gas or is going #1 and #2. :) He usually laughs after he has gas too. Kinda gross but also very funny at the same time.

*He loves to run as you can see here:

*He is still really into coloring.

*He can kick a ball.

*When you ask where his cup or a toy is, he says "know." That means he doesn't know where it is. He says it with the cutest voice inflection. I love it.

*When Chase is uncomfortable (ie bright sun in his eyes, or the wind blowing on him, or he is hot) he says "col" (cold). I opened the blinds the other day after his nap. It was very bright, so he squinted his eyes and said "col."

*He loves to throw things. Daddy is super thrilled with his throwing abilities. He is hoping for a baseball player :) He is playing catch with daddy here:

Please excuse the loud voices on the videos. We are a loud family :)


Katie said...

omg! I love his running!! He's gonna be a great little partner for you some day!

Stef said...

Cute videos, guys. And not too loud at all.
He's getting so big!