Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Eating Breakthroughs!!

I am very happy to report that Chase has been eating Mandarins, lettuce with dressing, and brocolli. That is so exciting for me! It is so nice to have him eating some fruits and veggies! He likes to eat his veggies with a "poon." He likes to have his "poon" in hand even he is just picking the fruit or veggies up with his fingers. I love it!


Katie said...

Isn't it a relief when they get over a hurdle? Lettuce with dressing? What a sophisticated kid!

Stef said...

woo-hoo! This is very good news. The things we mommies get excited over is so funny to me. "Yay! My kid pooped!" :-)

I'm glad he's eating better. Ethan was such a picky eater at first and it really worried me.