Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Toddler Tuesday Tales...1 day late :)

I am going to attempt write about our toddler's tales on as many Tuesdadys as is possible. I missed it by one day this week, so today it is Wednesday Toddler Tales :). This is more for our benefit so we don't forget the many stages of Chase's development.

1. He tells us that he has "bee-boos." In Chase-speak, this means boo-boos. Usually he is pretty tough and doesn't cry about his boo-boos very often, but sometimes he likes us to comfort and console him. He comes to us and tells us in a whimpering voice that he has a "bee-boo."

2. He likes to help us push the cart when we are shopping.

3. He likes to help mommy carry her purse. He was dragging my purse all over Marshalls. It was very cute. Good thing I don't buy expensive purses.

4. He loves sleeping on a pillow.

5. He is in the throw yourself on the floor and scream stage. If you are trying to get somewhere and that is not on Chase's agenda at the moment, he will go into convulsions on the floor. It very much resembles someone having a seizure. Not pleasant at all :(

That is it for this week :)


Stef said...

Great idea, Jess! I will look forward to coming here on Tuesdays. :)

Stef said...

hey lady... its Tuesday. Where's the post?! :)